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All you need for assessment without levels

Cornerstones Assessment gives you everything you need for life beyond levels. Our tools help you measure, track and share children’s attainment and progress for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

We are constantly evolving our assessment package in line with government guidance and teacher feedback. We’ve created a video that takes you through everything you need to know about using Cornerstones Assessment.

Already using Cornerstones Assessment?

For those who are already using Cornerstones Assessment, a more detailed video is also available on The Hub. We’ve also included the latest guidance if you prefer to print and read. If you're logged in, this link will take you straight to the section you need.

Key points from the Commission on Assessment Without Levels report

Earlier in the year, we examined the final report from the Commission on Assessment Without Levels. The report means that every school in England needs to find a sustainable method of assessing their children across all year groups, from EYFS to KS1 and KS2. We’ve been through the frameworks and pulled out five key principles that all schools need to be aware of and put into action.

Read the blog posts here:

Download your new assessment policy

Writing up a new assessment policy can take a lot of time to get your head around, so we thought we'd do the hard work for you and get you started. Here’s a free model assessment policy for you to make your own.

Download model assessment policy