Episode 10: Community, philosophy and inspiration in education, with Hywel Roberts

Episode 10 of The Curriculum is the first of three episodes we’ve recorded with special guest, Hywel Roberts. He talks about his journey in education, including some of the people who have inspired him along the way and his own philosophy on teaching. It’s absolutely fascinating to hear Hywel talk us through his career so far, so a big thank you to him for joining us on the show.

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About Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts is a teacher, author and educationalist who works with schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations across the UK and beyond. His first book is called, Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally. And he has a new one, Unchartered Territories, Adventures in Learning, out next month, and then Bad Hat Harry and Imagineering! Making the Curriculum Your Own, which comes out in January 2019.

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