Episode 07: The impact of a broad and balanced curriculum with Lyn McNamara of Probus Primary School

Curriculum Podcast Episode 07 The impact of a broad and balanced curriculum with Lyn McNamara of Probus Primary School

Episode 7 of The Curriculum podcast is here and it features a fantastic interview with Lyn McNamara, who has more than 25 years of experience working in education. Topics include defining what a curriculum should be and do, the importance of literacy running through a curriculum, and the impact a broad and balanced curriculum can have on a school.

Lynn has been substantive head at a number of schools in the North of England and Cornwall. She was an HMI in the South West and is now Executive Principal for Aspire Academy Trust, where she works in two schools, including Probus Primary School. Lyn is also School Improvement Partner for several schools in Cornwall.

If we have incited curiosity in children that lasts for a lifetime, if they can look back and remember when they learned how to do a particular thing at primary school years later, then we’ve done what we need to do, and that’s make children hungry to learn more.

Lyn McNamara, Executive Principal, Aspire Academy Trust

It was great to speak to Lyn and get her views on building a curriculum based on years of experience. Find some quiet time, grab your headphones and listen in to what she has to say.

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