Episode 06: Curriculum design in the classroom with Anthony Robinson of Farmilo Primary School

Curriculum Podcast Episode 06 Curriculum design in the classroom with Farmilo Primary School

Episode 6 of our new podcast – The Curriculum – is available now and features an interview with Anthony Robinson, an RQT at Farmilo Primary School. Anthony talks about his experience of curriculum design and how Farmilo’s approach has given him the autonomy to be creative and inspire children through imagination.

For Anthony, it’s all about bringing something from real life into the classroom. While all teachers at Farmilo have a hand in the design of their curriculum, as an RQT he is building his knowledge and gaining experience. His philosophy is: …if you can imagine it, your children can do it. Good curriculum design helps teachers take that idea and make it a reality in the classroom.

“We are lucky enough to have very strong leaders that believe in a creative and immersive curriculum, which spreads downwards to the class teachers. We are given encouragement, frameworks and the time to develop immersive and thoughtful processes that we can add to ourselves to best fit the needs of our children.”

Anthony Robinson – Farmilo Primary School

We really enjoyed meeting Anthony and also Adam Newman from Farmilo Primary School, who we spoke to in episode 5 of The Curriculum, which covered the idea of ‘learning not lessons’ in curriculum design.

Go grab a hot brew, pop on your headphones and have a listen.

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