Episode 03: How to plan a broad and balanced curriculum

Episode 3 of The Curriculum, our brand new podcast, is available now. Once again, we have Melanie Moore, Curriculum Director at Cornerstones, and Catherine Scutt, one of our Senior Curriculum Consultants, on board to continue the discussion about broad and balanced curriculums. And this time the focus is on planning.

How do you get started when it comes to building a broad and balanced curriculum? Can you just get cracking or should you put some thought into what you want to achieve first? And then what impact do your decisions have on both long-term and medium-term planning?

We tackle these questions and more using real-world, practical examples. Find some headphones and have yourself a listen!

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Iain Broome

Iain is a Creative Consultant at Cornerstones and currently produces The Curriculum, our new podcast. He's previously worked on a range of other Cornerstones products, including the Cornerstones Curriculum, Love to Investigate and Cornerstones Yoimoji.

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