Episode 02: What is a broad and balanced curriculum?

Curriculum Podcast Episode 02 What is a broad and balanced curriculum

This second episode of The Curriculum podcast features Melanie Moore, Curriculum Director at Cornerstones, and Catherine Scutt, one of our Senior Curriculum Consultants. They discuss a current hot topic in the education world – the concept of a broad and balanced curriculum.

This is the first in a short series of episodes on this subject. We’ll be offering some tips and advice on how to build a broad and balanced curriculum, but for this episode we focus on what that actually means. What does it look like in practice? Why is it important? And why is the broad and balanced concept such an important topic right now?

Go grab your headphones and settle in as we try to answer those questions and more.

Notes and links

Every episode of The Curriculum comes with a list of links to all of the various things that we reference on the show. Here is that list for episode two.

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