Eek! It’s my assembly tomorrow!

Ever had that feeling when you realise it's your assembly tomorrow and you've nothing prepared? Cast that feeling aside, as you can now just log on to The Hub and visit the SLT guidance and support area and find a range of grab-and-go-assemblies.


Each month we'll be posting a selection of assemblies based on important dates and events celebrated in the UK and around the world. Each assembly comes with an editable script that includes, questions to ask, activities to do and suggested props and resources. A bright and colourful assembly board is also provided for each assembly to illustrate some of the points covered and to hook children into the theme.

This month we've posted four brand new assemblies:

• International Firefighters' Day – May 4th
• National Limerick day – May 12th
• National Children's Day – May 14th
• World Hunger Day – May 28th

A handy ‘How to Use' guide is also provided to help you make the best of the resources provided.

The assembly themes are:

• informative
• interactive
• thought-provoking
• relevant to the lives of children today

Each of the assemblies follows the structure of the Four Cornerstones and is intended to be used as follows:

Engage: An introduction to the assembly, which sets the scene and presents interesting facts about the topic so that children become engaged and curious to know more.

Develop: The opportunity to extend the theme of the topic, relate the ideas to children’s own experiences, look at the ideas in greater depth, ask questions and gather children’s ideas.

Innovate: The opportunity to set children a challenge, prompt them to reflect on the assembly, ask questions and apply their learning to a new context.

Express: The opportunity to recite poems, listen to and sing along with music linked to the theme, create displays, reflect quietly, give thanks or carry out a related task.

All assemblies are linked to SMSC and fundamental British values.

Log on to The Hub to download May's assemblies now.

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Melanie Moore

Mel is Curriculum Director and the author of the Cornerstones Curriculum. She writes, edits and oversees all curriculum materials and leads our creative team. Mel has over 20 years of primary teaching experience, including as a deputy headteacher. She has also been a teacher adviser and a local authority strategy adviser.

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