Is the Digital Competence Framework embedded in your curriculum?

Updated 1st September 2017

One of the most significant developments for schools in Wales over the last year has been the launch of the Digital Competence Framework (DCF). For the past twelve months, schools have been familiarising themselves with the content of the DCF, auditing and improving the skills of staff and working out how to incorporate the framework across the curriculum.

How has this process been for you? Do you feel you have a handle on DCF? Are all your school staff on-board with the changes? Does your curriculum have plenty of DCF opportunities? Or are you still trying to work out how the DCF will fit into your school?

What is the DCF?

DCF stands for Digital Competence Framework. Digital Competence now sits alongside English and Mathematics as a cross-curricular responsibility in Wales. The DCF was published in September 2016, giving schools time to familiarise themselves with the framework before integrating it into their curriculum from September 2017.

What are the four strands of the DCF?

The DCF has four strands, ‘Citizenship', ‘Interacting and collaborating', ‘Producing' and ‘Data and computational thinking'. The skills included are wide ranging, from understanding how to communicate appropriately online to analysing data and everything in between.

How can Cornerstones help schools incorporate DCF into their curriculum?

Each project in the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales has a designated task that develops aspects of the DCF. The DCF expanded tasks for years 1–6 include software suggestions matched to the software which is available to all schools in Wales via the Welsh HWB. Our Nursery and Reception tasks are written to match the theme of each ILP and include teaching ideas and enhanced continuous provision suggestions. We have also created DCF safety sessions to help teachers deliver some of the skills from the Citizenship strand of the DCF. Use these as session starters, short PSE lessons or even as starting points for assemblies.

What about coverage?

The DCF expanded tasks, Nursery and Reception tasks and DCF safety sessions cover a wide variety of DCF skills. However, teachers should also find opportunities to teach DCF skills in other areas of the curriculum.

When will the DCF expanded tasks and DCF safety sessions be available?

The new DCF expanded tasks, Nursery and Reception tasks and DCF safety sessions are available now for Cornerstones Curriculum Wales customers to download via the Hub.

About the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales

The Cornerstones Curriculum Wales is a broad and balanced, creative curriculum. It is mapped to the Welsh national curriculum programmes of study and the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and will be updated inline with the curriculum changes currently taking place in Wales. Follow the link to find out more about how the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales can help you meet national requirements now and in the future.

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