Curriculum models, achieving coverage and our new history knowledge-rich projects (KRPs)

Last Revised: April 9, 2021

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely you’re in the process of using Curriculum Maestro or The Hub to build your school curriculum. But, are you making the most of what’s available to you? And what new developments are there in the pipeline?

Curriculum models

While Curriculum Maestro gives you the freedom to adapt and tailor the curriculum we provide, many schools ask us to help them create an optimum model, one that gives them the best national curriculum coverage. Our experienced curriculum advisers are happy to work with you to support you with this aspect of your curriculum design, especially if you are facing the challenge of unusual mixed age cycles. Below are curriculum models we recommend to help you achieve not only optimum coverage but the best opportunity for progression and sequencing.

Knowledge-rich projects (KRPs)

For those schools looking to introduce a more subject or knowledge-based approach to curriculum planning, our KRPs offer a way forward. Based on Cornerstones’ four stages of learning, and planned sequentially, these projects are designed to give children the maximum opportunity for knowledge retrieval. Purposefully written to provide a balanced primary approach to the acquisition of knowledge that includes subject-based and cross-curricular skills.

Our geography KRPs for Y1-6 are already accessible on Curriculum Maestro. Many schools have now integrated these and their accompanying art and design or design and technology projects into their curriculum with great success.

Sow Grow and farm geography knowledge rich project

Read more about our geography KRPs.

Phased introduction of history KRPS

A phased introduction avoids unplanned repetition of the same or similar project themes or content for any individual child. Curriculum Maestro records actual coverage enabling you to maintain full control of national curriculum coverage and individual children’s progress through your curriculum during the phased implementation of the KRPs.

History KRPs phase one

By summer 2020, schools will be able to access six new history KRPs for Year 1 to Year 3 and their companion art and design or design and technology projects.

For schools wishing to integrate these history projects into their curriculum plans, they should do so starting in September 2020. Integrating them from September 2020 will allow for the best transition from existing ILPs to the new KRPs and maintain national curriculum coverage. The September 2020 models, for single age and mixed age classes, show the optimum curriculum design for those schools who wish to integrate the new Y1-3 history KRPs and companion projects from September 2020.

View single age model Sept 2020 to July 2021

View mixed age model Sept 2020 to July 2021

Childhood history knowledge rich project

Read more about our history KRPs.

History KRPs phase two

Phase two will see the release of the remaining history KRPs for Year 4 to Year 6. These will be released by summer 2021 ready for September 2021. The September 2021 models, for single age and mixed age classes, show the optimum curriculum design for those schools who wish to integrate all of the history and geography KRPs from September 2021. The placement of individual KRPs gives the best opportunity for subject progression and knowledge retrieval.

View single age model Sept 2021 to July 2022

View mixed age model Sept 2021 to July 2022

Accessing the knowledge-rich projects

Already using Curriculum Maestro? You can start integrating the new KRPs into your existing curriculum. Access your new projects here.

Still on The Hub? Contact us for a Curriculum Maestro demo so you can access the new projects.

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