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“The planning of the curriculum is extremely thorough and builds systematically on pupils’ previous knowledge.”

Ysgol Y Bynea Estyn Report, January 2017

Cornerstones Curriculum

Cornerstones Curriculum is a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the requirements of the Welsh national curriculum and the four purposes. Easily accessible, Cornerstones Curriculum is flexible enough to meet the needs of any school and the changing landscape of education in Wales.

Keeping things broad and balanced

The Cornerstones curriculum provides schools with over 80 Imaginative Learning Projects that include Welsh History and Culture. Each project is organised in areas of learning and experience and provide schools with comprehensive coverage of the national curriculum programmes of study.

Resourcing your curriculum

All of our curriculum projects are housed online. Each has its own set of resources and includes videos, texts, picture cards, glossaries, information sheets and much, much more.

Digital Competence Framework

Each project has a designated ‘expanded' task that develops aspects of DCF. These activities include detailed ‘steps to success’, evaluation questions and suggested software which is either available via the Welsh HWB or free to use online. We have also created DCF safety sessions to help teachers deliver some of the skills from the Citizenship strand of the DCF. Use these as session starters, short PSE lessons or even as starting points for assemblies.

Enriching your curriculum

To help schools enrich their provision further we’ve created a range of additional materials. These include Love to Investigate (Science), Love to Read (Reading at KS 2) and Love to celebrate (RE).

Come and meet us

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