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The Curriculum podcast

The Curriculum is a podcast that features news, tips and useful information for UK-based primary school leaders and teachers. It comes from the team here at Cornerstones, the people behind our own creative curriculum, which is used in more than 2000 UK primary schools.

Got plans to improve or reimagine your school’s curriculum? Looking for new ideas that you can use in the classroom? Want to stay up to date with what’s happening in primary education? Then The Curriculum is for you.

We know that you are busy. That’s why every episode is super short – around 15 minutes – so that you can squeeze it into a quick coffee break or short commute. Episodes are focused on specific topics, so you can pick and choose the ones that are most relevant to you.

While our team are on hand to share their experience and expertise, The Curriculum also features a range of special guests. That includes school leaders, teachers and others working in primary education. It’s great to hear them share their own perspectives, ideas and experiences too.

How to listen

Every episode of The Curriculum podcast is embedded in a blog post on this site. You can browse the ‘podcast’ category to check out those posts and listen to previous shows. However, most people access and listen to episodes by subscribing in a podcast app on their smartphone.

Subscribe to the show

Subscribing means new episodes will download to your podcast app of choice. It means you don’t have to remember or search for new content and you can listen whenever and wherever you want. Basically, when we publish a new show, up it pops in your app and away you go.

If you’re new to podcasts, the most popular way to subscribe is through the Apple Podcasts app or iTunes on your laptop or desktop computer. If you use an Android device, we can recommend Pocket Casts.

Feel free to email if you have any problems and we can help you get started.

Episode 31: Are there three types of curriculum?

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Cornerstones’ Managing Director, Simon Hickton. They describe the three curriculum approaches described by Ofsted in their latest update and discuss the essential factors common to all of them. Simon and Caroline also explain how schools can decide upon their curriculum emphasis and how to use the Cornerstones Curriculum to… Read more

Episode 29: What are knowledge organisers and how can we use them in the primary classroom?

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Curriculum Manager, Catherine Scutt. They take a closer look at a resource that’s gaining popularity in primary schools: the knowledge organiser. Caroline and Catherine explain what to consider when writing knowledge organisers and share tips on how to use them best in the primary classroom. They also describe how… Read more

Bonfire Night Podcast

Episode 28: Bonfire Night – classroom edition 1

In this special classroom edition podcast, Caroline talks to Professor Al about the events of 5th November, including the history of the failed Gunpowder Plot, the traditions of Bonfire Night and the story of the fated conspirator Guy Fawkes. Use this podcast as a stimulus for class discussions and as a starting point for further… Read more

Episode 27: Cornerstones in action: reducing teacher workload with Adam Newman

In this podcast, Caroline talks to Adam Newman, Year 6 teacher and Curriculum Lead at Farmillo Primary in Nottinghamshire. Adam gives his take on the teacher workload issue and describes how the Cornerstones Curriculum has impacted on workload at his school. Links The Cornerstones Curriculum The Curriculum magazine Cornerstones in action: How to make teacher… Read more

Episode 26: How connected is your curriculum?

In this podcast, Caroline and Mel explore the importance of designing a well-connected and robust curriculum framework. They also highlight the different ways that connections are built into the Cornerstones Curriculum, helping children deepen their knowledge and skills. Links The Cornerstones Curriculum The Curriculum magazine A summary of Amanda Spielman’s (HCMI Ofsted) latest curriculum update… Read more

Episode 24: How to set up continuous and enhanced provision in the Early Years

 Summary This podcast features Emma Reynolds, an Assistant Headteacher and EYFS leader across three schools with over 20 years experience. Emma talks to host Caroline Pudner about the importance of good quality continuous and enhanced provision in Early Years settings, and what to consider when planning, resourcing and managing them. Links The Cornerstones Curriculum… Read more

Episode 23: Testing and assessment: making it meaningful

Summary This podcast features the second part of our exclusive interview with Ofsted’s National Director of Education, Sean Harford (see podcast edition 19 for the first part). This time, the conversation focuses on the sticky but crucial subject of assessment and its place in the curriculum. Cornerstones Managing Director, Simon Hickton, asks Sean to explain… Read more