Building character and resilience in every child

The government white paper Educational Excellence Everywhere highlighted the importance of building character and resilience in every child. Most schools already have a range of approaches, schemes and methods for doing this – for example, through the school ethos, behaviour policy or extra-curricular activities.

The Cornerstones pedagogy, the Four Cornerstones (which form the structure on which the Cornerstones Curriculum is built) provides schools with a fantastic vehicle for embedding a range of characteristics into everyday learning.

The Four Cornerstones

Characteristics map2



The poster shows the main characteristics of each Cornerstone and these provide the basis for the types of activities suggested in the curriculum projects.

For example, in the Year 3 project, Flow the characteristic of curiosity is developed in the Engage stage as children visit a local stream or river to find out more about its features. They experiment on site to find out how fast an apple will travel along three different sections and collect water and soil samples. Children naturally want to find out how fast their apple travels, whether they have caught any creatures in their water samples and whether their samples are the same or different to somebody else’s.

Flow memorable experience

Each project progresses through the Cornerstones, allowing the children to use and develop the characteristics. And because each Cornerstone builds on the last, children will naturally revisit characteristics they have previously used.

Additional resources

To help you embed the Four Cornerstones into your everyday practice we've created these fantastic posters, which you can download for free from The Hub and display in your classroom. Use them as a reminder, as a discussion point or as a target for children as they work. For example ‘Who is going to show me curiosity today?’ ‘What does curiosity look like?’ ‘This activity requires you to be curious!’

Download your free posters from The Hub.

sticker sheet etc

You can also recognise children's achievements by ordering these additional resources. The pack will include stickers for each characteristic, a sticker collection card and a special certificate. Available to order soon.

To find out more about how you can embed characteristics and resilience using the Four Cornerstones contact us on 03333 20 8000.

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