A British History Timeline

I was over the moon when I was asked to illustrate a full British timeline.

The timeline had to show the historical periods covered in the Cornerstones curriculum with a few added extras like the Georgian era thrown in for interest. After thoroughly researching each of the historical periods, I began to draw artefacts, inventions, styles of clothing, vehicles, architecture and people with pinpoint accuracy.

The timeline features 18 illustrated eras of history. Each being created using Indian Ink as a base layer, with a watercolour wash over the top. I have used the finest detail throughout to engage children's interest with also subtle comedic elements hidden within for them to find.

My favourite illustration has to be the Georgians, they knew how to party! But the main element I loved about illustrating this era was the bright colours and architecture. Did you know, for example, it’s the first time afternoon tea and cake became available!

There’s also a selection of historic-themed writing frames based on the British timeline available exclusively to Cornerstones Hub users.

Schools already using the timeline

Curriculum director Melanie Moore says,

‘Dale has done a fantastic job creating this brilliantly illustrated British History Timeline. I love the detail in each of the drawings, and the writing frames are excellent for displaying children’s topic writing.’

‘It’s great to see some of our schools already using the timelines in their classrooms.’

The British Timeline on display at Blakeley Heath Primary School along with our Anglo-Saxon and Viking Timeline.

Available to buy online

Full British history timeline and additional World history placement cards

Full historical timeline covering periods of British history from the Stone Age to WW2 plus additional placement cards for important periods in World history.

The Timeline is now available on the Cornerstones online shop. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it.