Melanie Moore

Mel is Director and EYFS specialist at Cornerstones. She writes most of our curriculum materials and leads our creative team. She has 20 years teaching experience, including as a deputy head teacher. She has also been a teacher adviser, a local authority strategy advisor and has worked for the QCA on national curriculum schemes of work.

Ysgol Y Bynea – An excellent school

A modern and creative curriculum In 2014 the staff and Headteacher at Ysgol Y Bynea were looking to modernise and add more creativity to their curriculum. After hearing colleagues at other schools talk about the Cornerstones Curriculum, they approached us to find out more. They adopted the Cornerstones Curriculum Wales in April 2015 and in January… Read more

Eek! It’s my assembly tomorrow!

Ever had that feeling when you realise it’s your assembly tomorrow and you’ve nothing prepared? Cast that feeling aside, as you can now just log on to The Hub and visit the SLT guidance and support area and find a range of grab-and-go-assemblies.   Each month we’ll be posting a selection of assemblies based on… Read more

Are ‘enriched learning experiences’ at the heart of your curriculum?

‘Putting enriched learning experiences at the heart of the new curriculum’ is the title of the interim report written by the Enrichment and Experiences working group, currently developing the new curriculum for Wales. The interim paper states that enriched learning experiences should be part of everyday school life and explains that they don’t all begin… Read more

Promoting fundamental British values and SMSC in primary schools

The Department for Education (DfE) states that schools must prepare children for ‘life in Britain’. Part of that requirement includes promoting ‘fundamental British values’ (FBV), which might seem daunting at first. But there’s no need to worry. At Cornerstones, we’ve got it covered. How do Ofsted define FBV? Understanding FBV isn’t as tricky as you… Read more

Art and design in Year 1

So you’re a Year 1 teacher? How recently did you check what’s in your art and craft area? Do you have one? How much art did your children do last week? If you’re lucky enough to have space and the resources to maintain the continuous and enhanced provision children enjoy in reception, then that’s fantastic… Read more

Put more art and design into your primary curriculum

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso Every state-funded school must offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced. A full curriculum includes the statutory teaching of the subject ‘Art and design’ although you’d be forgiven for thinking this is not true, as… Read more

Loathe lengthy planning? We can help!

Planning is a hot topic nowadays. How much? How little? What is effective and what is simply paperwork? A recent Government report highlighted the issue of teacher workload and mentioned planning as an area for serious review. Here, Caroline Pudner, Curriculum Consultant at Cornerstones, shares her perspective. Wasting time? As a teacher, I spent many… Read more

what makes a great teacher

What makes a great teacher?

In our latest post, we look at what makes a great teacher and examine some of the qualities and characteristics that ‘great’ teachers often share. Being an outstanding teacher every minute of every day is both unrealistic and unsustainable. You’ll know because you’re there doing it, and it’s utterly exhausting. Giving ourselves permission to be real… Read more