Melanie Moore

Mel is Director and EYFS specialist at Cornerstones. She writes most of our curriculum materials and leads our creative team. She has 20 years teaching experience, including as a deputy head teacher. She has also been a teacher adviser, a local authority strategy advisor and has worked for the QCA on national curriculum schemes of work.

Episode 12: Imagineering, uncharted territories and adventures in learning

Episode 12 of The Curriculum is the second episode with special guest, Hywel Roberts. He talks about his ‘Imagineering’ work with schools and how this pedagogy can set teachers imaginations free to create exciting learning. It’s fascinating to hear Hywel talk us through his ideas, so it’s a big thank you to him for joining us on the show for the second time.

NEW! Curriculum magazine

Issue 1 - The Curriculum magazine (2)
The Curriculum magazine is free to schools and is now available for you to read online. In Issue One we take a look at ways of promoting curiosity in the classroom, how to design your curriculum using our six-step approach, picture books with multiple meanings and much more. Read The Curriculum now  

The importance of continuous provision in the early years

What is continuous provision
Most early years practitioners recognise continuous provision as the resources they offer children as part of an enabling environment, or the resources that are safe for children to explore independently. It is both these things, but it is important to remember that continuous provision is not just provision that is continually accessible; it is...

What is the Cornerstones Curriculum?

The Cornerstones Curriculum is a skills and knowledge-based curriculum with a creative edge. But what does that mean? Imaginative Learning Projects The Cornerstones Curriculum is based on more than 80 Imaginative Learning Projects. We call these ILPs. Each ILP has an overarching theme linked to a national curriculum subject. In addition to the main subject...

Knowledge and skills across the curriculum

Knowledge and skills across the curriculum
What does it mean to have a good education? Does it mean you have a store of useful information or a set of flexible skills that will help you manage change and adapt to an ever-changing world? While there has been much debate recently about the importance of knowledge and skills, if truth be...

What is a broad and balanced curriculum?

A broad and balanced curriculum
A broad and balanced curriculum provides children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals. In my experience, there is little disagreement that a broad and balanced curriculum is best, but recent and increasing pressures around testing and assessment has, in some schools, caused a narrowing of the curriculum with little time for curriculum development.

How to design your curriculum

Six steps of curriculum design
Melanie Moore, author of the Cornerstones Curriculum, looks at the process of curriculum design. You may learn many things in teacher training, but how to design a curriculum is usually not one of them. Designing a whole school curriculum is a complex task, and the ability to do it comes with years of experience...

What are curriculum principles and why are they important?

Curriculum principles
Melanie Moore, author of the Cornerstones Curriculum, takes a look at curriculum principles and their importance. Recent commentary on the importance of curriculum by Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, has led to a renewed debate about the complexity of curriculum design. Before a school can begin to design its curriculum, it’s important that its...

What is the best type of curriculum?

What is the best curriculum
Melanie Moore, author of the Cornerstones Curriculum, asks the question, what is the best type of curriculum and how do you achieve it? What is a curriculum? How would you describe the curriculum? Is it a programme of learning? The national curriculum? That which is taught or untaught? Well, a curriculum is the total...