Assessment without levels: what Ofsted will judge (3/3)

Last week, we examined the final report from the Commission on Assessment Without Levels. The report means that every school in England needs to find a sustainable method of assessing their children across all year groups, from EYFS to KS1 and KS2. We also looked at the key principles from the interim assessment frameworks for Key Stage 1 and 2.

“The report does not provide schools with a template for assessment without levels but offers guidance and support to help schools in designing their own assessment policies, in parallel with their curriculum policies.”
Commission on Assessment Without Levels

How will Ofsted judge the quality of assessment?

The commission encourages schools to seize the opportunity to develop innovative and effective new approaches to assessment that meet the needs of their pupils, parents, staff and the curriculum.

  • It is important that each school develops a system which is consistent with its own curriculum and supports effective teaching and learning. Ofsted will gather evidence from the school’s own information, taking account of the quality and rigour of the assessment on which it is based.
  • Assessment must draw on a range of evidence of what pupils know, understand and can do across the school’s own curriculum. Ofsted will look at how this information is then used to plan teaching and learning strategies.
  • They will look at how effectively leaders and governors monitor the progress of groups of pupils to ensure that none fall behind and underachieve.
  • How pupils progress towards meeting or exceeding the expected attainment for their age, as set out in the school’s own curriculum and assessment policies.

How can Cornerstones help?

We launched Cornerstones Assessment over the summer and schools across the UK are using and loving it already – we’ve had great feedback.

School that use the Cornerstones Curriculum know that Cornerstones Assessment is the perfect match. What if your school doesn’t currently use Cornerstones? That’s fine too.

Cornerstones Assessment comes with the comprehensive essential and developmental skills that we developed for our own curriculum. Everything is linked to the national curriculum and our four online tools enable you shape assessment in your school, just like the report recommends.

You can find out more on our Cornerstones Assessment product page.

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