Are you ready for life beyond levels?

Is your school ready for assessment without levels? Cornerstones Assessment provides all you need to help embed assessment into your everyday teaching practice.

Our overarching framework is linked to national curriculum programmes of study and gives you the tools to measure, track and share children's attainment.

Assessment without levels

Levels have been an integral part of the national curriculum since its inception in 1988. However, the government's decision to remove levels means schools are now faced with developing their own assessment schemes.

School Reform Minister Nick Gibb stated that though there are set standards for what pupils should be able to achieve at the end of key stages, “between those stages it is up to schools to decide how to assess pupils against their curriculum”.

Cornerstones Assessment has everything you need to make assessment an integral part of classroom practice without the use of levels.

What is Cornerstones Assessment?

Cornerstones Assessment is made up of four online assessment tools:

  • Essential Skills framework. Splits programmes of study into end-of-year, age-related expectations for all subjects. It breaks subjects down to ensure children gain a breadth of understanding. The framework also helps you identify any gaps in learning.
  • Developmental Skills framework. Maths and English skills are broken down into termly age-related expectations. They help you to differentiate your teaching and learning. The framework also helps you assess and monitor children's progress.
  • Progress and Attainment Tracker. Our user-friendly, age-related assessment tracker allows you to quickly record and analyse children's progress against national expectations and targets set by your school.
  • Assessment and Moderation Grids. Allows you to record and evidence children's learning in line with Developmental Skills statements for reading, writing and maths. It's a great tool for moderating children's work and getting staff up to speed on the attainment expectations of the new national curriculum.

Why choose Cornerstones Assessment?

Cornerstones Assessment is the only assessment package you need for life beyond levels.

  • Termly, age-related expectations completely replace the need for levels and sub-levels.
  • Assessment is tied to the national curriculum.
  • Both our Essential and Developmental Skills come with copy and paste functionality to speed up the planning and assessment process.
  • The Progress and Attainment Tracker is a powerful data analysis tool to monitor children and expectations.
  • The framework is already fully embedded into the Cornerstones Curriculum but can be easily linked to any school's curriculum.
  • It enables in-classroom planning and assessment and allows you to make accurate judgements on attainment.
  • It is simple to use at all levels.
  • Access all tools online via computer, tablet or mobile
  • Cornerstones Assessment is available now!

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