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advice and support from Cornerstones

When I was a teacher, I had a few trusted colleagues to whom I could turn for advice. This was particularly important when I was an NQT or starting to teach a new curriculum.

But teachers at any stage in their career value the ideas, suggestions and opinions of others. Our profession works best when we collaborate and share good practice. And while teaching and organisation constantly evolves, some basic good principles will never change.

Where to go to for advice?

The reduction in local authority advisers over the last few years has left a gap in the amount of quality advice and support on offer and when you're time-restricted, it’s vital that the advice you get is relevant and of good quality.

The internet is flooded with teaching tips, advice and ideas – many of which are conflicting and/or not the best quality or appropriate for your children. That’s why we’re here to help!

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Expert advice from Cornerstones

Our curriculum team have years of teaching, advisory and leadership experience between them. Many of us are experts or former advisers and we cover all areas of the curriculum.

For example, Curriculum Director Melanie Moore is an EYFS specialist who has written most of our curriculum materials and regularly contributes to our blog. Likewise Dr Fran Barnes, who is a molecular and cell biologist with a passion for hands-on, primary science.

Our advisers can support you best because we have researched, written and taught the Cornerstones Curriculum ourselves.

Once you have posted your question on The Hub, or emailed us a question, you can expect a quick and personal response – often on the same working day. We pride ourselves on this!

Our team treat each query with the utmost importance as we know how busy teachers are. We thoroughly research our answers and can draw upon the expertise of our in-house experts, when needed.

Common questions

Teachers ask us for advice on a wide variety of topics, whether it’s advice on how to organise their Innovate stages, suggestions for reading books, ideas for trips or classroom display tips. Sometimes, teachers have called us to talk through a specific lesson or week, step-by-step. Whatever the issue, we’re always on hand to give you the support and guidance you need.

Many of our detailed responses can be found on the Hub Wall or in the ILP forums themselves.

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Teachers supporting each other

1000s of teachers and children are tweeting, posting and talking about the Cornerstones Curriculum and what’s worked for them. The pictures of children engaged in their activities, and the colourful classroom display creations, are truly inspirational.

A visit to The Hub is invaluable. You can browse other teachers’ ideas and questions or find useful information in the ILP forums, share display ideas or make book suggestions. The Wall is an excellent place to share your ideas or to celebrate your children’s work. It’s also where you’ll see updates from our curriculum team, who often post about the new resources constantly being added to The Hub.

A valuable service

It’s such a valuable service that in all honesty, I wish I’d had access to a service like this when I was teaching. It would have saved me so much time, trawling the internet for ideas, or waiting for experts to return my phone calls.

So, next time you have a question or query, make sure you visit The Hub. Whether you’re unsure how to deliver an activity, you’re looking for classroom display ideas or you just want some quick inspiration for a particular lesson, we’re always here to help!

The Hub

HUB - MAIN IMAGE - Online portal

The Hub is our online portal for schools using Cornerstones. It includes a wide range of features, from our popular coverage checker and Gap analysis, to over 1000 bespoke teaching resources that help bring the curriculum to life.

Schools also have access to specialist advice from our team of teachers and subject specialists, as well as technical support during school hours.

Schools that purchase the Cornerstones Curriculum get one year’s free access. Every teacher in your school will get full access through their own user account and because The Hub is online, you can log in at any time and from anywhere. Even better, it’s designed to work well on any device – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Find out more about The Hub.

If your free access has expired, we can get you back on The Hub in no time at all. Call us now on 03333 20 8000.

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Caroline Pudner

Caroline is a Curriculum Developer at Cornerstones. She writes curriculum materials, teaching resources and blogs. Caroline has 10 years primary teaching experience and has worked in both museums and galleries education and adult education.

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