5 tools to help you save time and reduce workload

5 tools to help you with planning, differentiation and assessment.

In his recent blog article ‘Tackling workload together – a new question for staff at the point of inspection', Ofsted National Director for Schools, Sean Harford, has once again outlined concern about teacher workload. The Cornerstones Curriculum helps teachers to save time with these five clever features. Free to all schools purchasing the curriculum, find them online on our Curriculum hub.

1. Project coverage

The Cornerstones curriculum has over 80 thematic Imaginative Learning Projects. Each project sets out a series of lessons linked to the national curriculum programmes of study. You can keep track of your project coverage using handy printable checklists.

2. Coverage checker and Gap analysis tools

Evidence your whole school and year group coverage using our online Coverage Checker. Simply select the projects you want to do and click to generate a full coverage report.

Our handy online Gap Analysis tool uses your project choices to work out if there are any gaps in your programme of study coverage. Use the information to make strategic choices about ways of managing any coverage gaps in your curriculum coverage.

3. Essential Skills

Use our online Essential Skills for planning, target setting and identifying gaps in children’s learning. You can also use them as a guide for parents on the skills their children should be focussing on throughout the year.

4. Developmental Skills

For English and mathematics, we’ve broken the key end of year skills down into termly steps, to provide teachers with a logical and manageable sequence of skills. These are the Developmental Skills.

Accessible online, they’re great for planning and differentiation and allow you to accurately track and monitor progress throughout the year against age-related expectations.

5. Assessment and Moderation Grids/Online tracking

There are thousands of Developmental Skills and to assess against these would be impossible. Use our easy to access Assessment and Moderation Grids to assess children's attainment and track progress.

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All of these features are available to schools using the Cornerstones Curriculum who have an active curriculum licence. Contact us now on 03333 20 8000 for more information.