12 days of Christmas activities: Day 6 – Pine cone bird feeders

Day 6 – Make natural bird feeders with a festive twist.

Feeding birds in winter is important as food can be hard to find. Follow these instructions to make a tasty, natural bird feeder for our feathered friends.

You will need

  • Ribbon or string
  • Open pine cones
  • Softened lard or peanut butter
  • A lollipop stick
  • A large bowl
  • Bird seed


  1. Tie the ribbon or string securely to the pine cone.
  2. Use the lollipop stick to press softened lard or peanut butter into the gaps in the pinecones.
  3. Pour the bird seed into a large bowl.
  4. Roll the pine cone in the seed to coat.
  5. Hang in the outdoor space and keep an eye out for visitors!

Add a science twist

  1. Roll the feeders in different foods. Try black sunflower seeds, niger seeds, breakfast cereal, dried oatmeal or even cheese! Hang the feeders up together and tally the number of visitors. Which food is their favourite?
  2. Identify any visitors using bird spotting sheets and binoculars.
  3. Try sprinkling some food on the ground under the feeders. Do some birds prefer to eat off the floor?
  4. Roll the pine cones in the same food but hang them in different places. Which feeders do the birds prefer and why?

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