12 days of Christmas activities: Day 5 – Fruit hangers

Day 5: Make yummy fruit hangers that smell just like Christmas.

Bring some Christmassy smells into your classroom with these gorgeous-smelling fruit hangers.

You will need

  • Apples, oranges star fruit and cranberries
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Sculpting wire
  • Ribbon, beads, berries and cinnamon sticks for decoration

How to make a fruit hanger

Steps 1 to 3 show you how to prepare your own dried fruit. If you'd like to speed the whole process up, why not head to your supermarket and get some pre-dried fruit instead?

  1. Cut the oranges and apples into thin slices.
  2. Soak the apple slices in lemon and salt solution and pat dry with kitchen towel before baking.
  3. Lay all the fruit on a wire rack and bake at 150 degrees for six hours. Turn the fruits halfway through.
  4. Leave the fruit to cool.
  5. Thread the fruit onto soft sculpting wire.
  6. Now for the best bit – bend the wire into hearts, stars, circles and other interesting shapes!
  7. Add ribbon, beads, berries and cinnamon sticks to decorate.


Add a science twist

What’s that smell? Pop the fruit hanger ingredients and other Christmassy items, such as ginger, pine needles, Christmas pudding, mincemeat, chocolate and nutmeg into separate containers. Cover with fabric (opaque tights work best) and secure with an elastic band.

Ask the children to sniff each pot and guess the smell. Reveal the contents! Did they get them all right?

Caution: Check for allergies before you do this activity.

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