12 days of Christmas activities: Day 4 – Chocolate spoons

Day 4: stir up yummy chocolate sprinkle-covered spoons.

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These chocolate spoons are a really easy treat! Eat them as they are or stir them into warm milk to make a yummy hot chocolate!

You will need

  • Bowl
  • Plastic spoons
  • Chocolate
  • Edible decorations, such as sprinkles, chocolate drops and silver balls

How to make your chocolate spoons

  • Place the chocolate in the bowl – you could break up a block or use chocolate drops.
  • Melt your chocolate in the microwave, stopping and stirring at intervals.
  • Once your chocolate is melted and silky, quickly pour it onto the spoons.
  • Decorate then leave to set.
  • Eat or stir into warm milk!

Add a DT twist

  • Taste test! Try a variety of different chocolates and edible decorations before you start. Let the children choose their favourites to add to their chocolate spoons.
  • Be creative! Ask the children to design Christmas packaging for their chocolate spoons. Provide a range of different materials for them to choose from. They could even add a list of ingredients or a gift tag!

Download a PDF version

Like to print out a copy of these instructions and use them with your class? We’ve created a printable PDF version with pictures to give you ideas.

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