12 days of Christmas activities: Day 3 – Icy treasures

Day 3: freeze winter treasures and leave them to melt in the winter sun.

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There are plenty of interesting natural objects you can collect in winter. It’s great fun to freeze them in ice blocks and watch as they melt in the winter sun.

You could also create your own little ice ornaments to hang from the trees. But be careful of falling objects!

How to make your icy treasures

  1. Grab your coats and wellies – first stop, we’re going foraging!
  2. Go outdoors to collect a range of natural objects, such as berries, pieces of fir tree and small pine cones.
  3. Gather a range of containers in interesting shapes and sizes. You could use ice cube trays, margarine tubs, yoghurt pots or silicone cake moulds.
  4. Fill the bottom of a container with water – about 3cm will do. If you’re making hanging ornaments, create a loop from string and place the ends to the bottom of the container.
  5. Drop your natural objects into the water.
  6. Place the container in the freezer until the water turns to ice.
  7. If you’re using a large container, it's more effective to freeze your sculptures in layers, otherwise everything will fall to the bottom.
  8. Take your icy treasures out of the freezer and leave them on a wall in the sun to melt.
  9. Remember to take photographs of your creations before they disappear!

Download a PDF version

If you want to use this activity in the classroom, you might like to download a PDF version that you can print, share and display.

What treasures will you freeze?

With so many leaves, twigs and berries on the ground at this time of year, you have plenty of options. Get in touch to let us know what natural treasures you decide to freeze!